Top 5 Best Cricket Games for Android in 2024

I’ve always had a love for cricket, both on the field and in the digital world. With the vast array of cricket games, it’s tricky to find the best cricket games for Android that truly capture the essence of the game. Luckily, after exploring various options and spending countless hours on my smartphone, I’ve narrowed down the list to the top choices for enthusiasts like me.

Top 5 Best Cricket Games for Android in 2024

My top picks are World Cricket Championship 3, Cricket League, Stick Cricket Super League, Cricket Gangsta, and Real Cricket™ 24. These games are awesome for any cricket fan. They’ve 3D graphics and lots of different modes to play. So, if you want great cricket action on your phone, these games are the way to go. So, let’s get into the game and see why they’re the best out there.

List of 5 Best Cricket Games for Android

1. World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC3)

WCC3 is a game-changer in mobile cricket gaming. It’s the latest game from the World Cricket Championship series. This 3D cricket game has everything a cricket lover could want. It comes with best-in-class features and real-time motion capture of players, making the cricket action feel real. You can play in different tournaments like T20, ODI, and Test matches.

World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC3)

WCC3 makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of the cricket field with its professional commentary, realistic stadiums, and live matches. It even has a Career Mode where you can build your team and lead it to victory in over 400 matches. Moreover, there’s the National Premier League (NPL), where you can experience the thrill of competing to lift the cup with 10 teams.

So, WCC3 is a masterpiece for cricket enthusiasts like me. It’s engaging and immersive and offers a deep, realistic cricket experience.

2. Cricket League

Cricket League is a thrilling online World Cup cricket game that brings the excitement of real-time multiplayer cricket to your fingertips. It’s a 3D mobile cricket game that’s all about quick, fun, and competitive cricket matches. You can play fast-paced two-over matches against friends or players from around the globe in just a few minutes.

The game is super easy to get into, with simple batting and bowling controls that you can learn in no time. As you win matches, you earn coins to build your dream team and climb to the top of the league. It’s a great way to connect with friends and family while enjoying a game of cricket. Moreover, it’s free to play online so that you can start your cricket saga right away!

Cricket League

In this Real Cricket League, you’ll play in iconic locations where famous ODI and T20 matches have taken place, like Mumbai, London, and Melbourne. You can upgrade your players, buy different types of balls, and master deliveries like the Doosra and Sling to outwit your opponents. Whether you’re aiming to top the leagues or play a quick cricket tournament, Cricket League offers an authentic cricket experience.

3. Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Super League is a super fun T20 cricket game. You can make your cricket players and customize them. Then, you get to be the boss of your cricket team. You can choose from 70 different teams from around the world and try to win the big championship. It’s even more exciting than other cricket leagues!

Stick Cricket Super League

In the game, you can add famous cricket players to your team to make it stronger. If you don’t want to wait, you can skip right to the end of a game. You’ll see how well you’re doing with a list of your wins and trophies. Your job is to be the best captain and take your team to the top. Stick Cricket Super League is all about having fun and becoming a cricket star.

4. Cricket Gangsta™ Cricket Games

Cricket Gangsta is a 3D game where you play cricket in a whole new style. You get to bat and bowl in street cricket matches, feeling like a real cricket gangster. By joining Gangsta Prime, you can unlock all the game areas quickly, either weekly or monthly. Moreover, you can pick Gangsta Avatars that let you play like a true cricket star. The game has 1v1 multiplayer matches set in awesome places, and the controls for batting and bowling are simple and easy. You can hit big sixes that smash cars and windows, making it super fun.

Cricket Gangsta™ Cricket Games

Playing Cricket Gangsta is a great way to compete with your friends and show them who’s the boss of street cricket. You win Loot Cans as rewards, which help you upgrade your players and make them stronger. There are different kinds of player cards you can unlock, like Common, Rare, and Epic, to show off your cricket skills. If you’re really good, you can top the World Gangsta Leaderboard and win cool prizes every week. It’s all about proving you’re the ultimate cricket gangsta.

5. Real Cricket™ 24

Real Cricket™ 24 gives you the ultimate cricket simulation on your mobile. It’s packed with features that make it the most detailed cricket game around. You can change the game with mods, adding new looks or equipment. The game has over 600 batting shots, thanks to the special Shot Assist, making your batting style unique. It also offers real-time multiplayer matches, including 1 vs 1, Dream Team Challenge, Premier League, and Pro Series. Moreover, you get to hear commentary from famous voices like Sanjay Manjrekar and Aakash Chopra, adding to the authentic cricket experience.

Real Cricket™ 24

The game also features unique player faces and jerseys, making each match special. And for those who love the traditional game, there’s Test cricket with real match conditions and the option to play with a pink ball under lights. Real Cricket™ 24 is like having real cricket in your pocket.


If you’re searching for the best cricket games for Android, you’ve got some great options. Games like World Cricket Championship 3, Cricket League, Stick Cricket Super League, Cricket Gangsta, and Real Cricket 24 offer a variety of cricket experiences on your mobile. My favorite is Real Cricket 24 because it feels like you’re playing cricket. It has detailed stadiums, real-time commentary, and lots of tournaments to play. Moreover, the motion capture makes the game action look very real. Whether you like fast T20 matches or the strategy of Test cricket, these games are the best way to enjoy cricket on your Android phone.


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